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Based in Istanbul, GEMINI is one of the leading DMCs in Turkey and our major aim is to provide a fully comprehensive service, being there for you, supporting you and delivering what we have promised and more, along the entire duration of your stay. GEMINI offers a variety of services, which are managed in a highly professional manner. We organise many activities from private events to incentives, congresses, conferences, healthcare meetings, pharmaceutical events and even festivals for some of the world’s top companies and associations; not to mention some of Turkey’s most exclusive and original corporate programmes. GEMINI’s strength is not only based on our experienced team of professionals, but also in its long-term relationships and cooperation with leading suppliers on a national scale.

Büyükdere Cad. No 15-A Hür Han, A Blok Kat:8
Sisli 34360 Istanbul
Tel:+ 90 212 231 30 80
Skype:gemini.mice / Itir.aykut1

Ms Itir Sinem Aykut - Vice President / Mr Ahmet Isik Aykut - Chairman

General Information

Specialise InConference Logistics, Conferences, Corporate Functions, Corporate Group Travel, Corporate Meetings, Corporate Travel, Events, Gala Dinners, Hotel Bookings, Incentives, Local Excursions, Meetings, Product Launches, Special Interest Groups, Teambuilding Events, Themed Dinners
Capital Ankara
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LanguageTurkish (official), Kurdish, Armenian, Greek, Arabic
Population 79,749,461
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Company   -   Gemini DMC

GEMINI, established in 1988, is one of the leading DMC / PCO’s of Turkey.

Our major aim is to provide a fully comprehensive service, being there for you, supporting you, delivering what we have promised and more along the entire duration of your stay.

GEMINI offers a variety of services, which are managed in a very professional manner.

We organise all manner of activities from private events to incentives, congresses and even festivals for some of the world's top companies and associations, not to mention some of Turkey’s most exclusive and original corporate programs.

Our Strength
Competitiveness: We proceed step by step in each of the components of every project in order to assure the right quality for the best price.

With our expertise in the Japanese market and experience in the field for the two decades since our establishment, we have developed a strong reputation for reliability as well as competitiveness.

Please find a summary of our resume including a diverse portfolio of international companies and organisations. Please also visit our for further information and references. We look forward to having the chance to discuss with you the opportunities of exciting travels that we can help you design in Turkey.

Reactivity: We are present every step of the way, on the ground, to bring you organisational comfort and eventually to allow for you to make the last minute changes, as well as making happen any unforeseen requests.

Creativity: Every travel and event is unique and is constructed around an open two-way communication with our clients, according to the desired concepts, so that ultimately 'the event, makes a difference'.

Last but not least GEMINI’s strength is not only based on its experienced team of professionals, but also in its long-term relationships and cooperation with leading suppliers on a national scale.

Just one example is Gemini’s status as one of the agencies to have booked the most room-nights at international award winning Ciragan Palace Hotel Kempinski for the last 15 years.

Ahmet Isik Aykut, Chairman of GEMINI, is an active member of:

Itir Sinem Aykut, Vice President of GEMINI, is an active member of:



Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, constituting the country's economic, cultural, and historical heart. With a population of 13.5 million, the city forms one of the largest urban agglomerations in Europe and is among the largest cities in the world by population within city limits. Istanbul is a transcontinental city, straddling the Bosphorus; one of the world's busiest waterways, in northwestern Turkey, between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Its commercial and historical center lies in Europe, while a third of its population lives in Asia.

Seven million foreign visitors arrived in Istanbul in 2010, when it was named a European Capital of Culture, making the city the world's tenth-most-popular tourist destination.


DMC Programme Ideas

Arrival: Meet and Greet at the Airport in Istanbul with the logo by GEMINI Operation Team and private transfers (by a private car or by the Gemini bus) to the hotel.

Check-in at the hotel

Dinner: An exclusive dinner at the Sarniç Restaurant, which is an old Roman cistern. This extraordinary building, with its massive stone columns and its lofty brick domes, stands at the head of a row of guesthouse forming the narrow 'Soğukçeşme' Street between Topkapı Palace walls and St. Sophia. The only addition to this cistern is a fire-place in the ancient style.

Clubbing: REİNA is less of a club, rather a vast entertainment emporium that includes several bars, restaurants and dance floors that can accommodate more than 2500 people.


Art Walk
Pera – Galat walking with gourmet stops.

Located in the historic Beyoğlu (Pera) district, Istiklal Avenue or Istiklal Street is an elegant pedestrian street, approximately three kilometers long, which houses exquisite boutiques, music stores, bookstores, art galleries, cinemas and theaters. The Galata district, on the northern shore of the Golden Horn, was originally established as a small marine state of the Genoese. Later, Galata, Pera and the environs became the 'European Quarter' of the city, housing embassies and specialty shops.

Lunch: Mikla Restaurant is an unique venue, sharply different, Turkish and Scandinavian in harmonious ways. Located on the top floor of the fashionable 'The Marmara Pera’' hotel. Mikla is urban, sleek and stylish. The restaurant is funky retro with chrome 70’s and 50’s furniture and a stunning wooden rail-sleepers bar. The magical views over the city stretch to the Hagia-Sophia and the Topkapı Palace where you almost travel back through time to the heart of the Old Istanbul.  Amazing view of the city. 

Afternoon: Imperial Hammam Treatment – Spa (including Hammam deluxe) Experience the ultimate way of relaxation therapy of the Sultans through the Hamam’s famous exfoliating scrub and soap massage.

Transfer to the Kempinski Hotel with limousine and VIP treatment.

Gala Dinner: The first member of 'The Leading Hotels of the World' in Turkey, the Ciragan has hosted royalty, dignitaries, artists and other notables since its opening. The Ciragan Palace Kempinski offers the ultimate in luxury and glamour of a genuine Ottoman Palace. This 5 star luxury Imperial Palace hotel, lovingly restored and ideally located on the shores of the magnificent Bosphorus overlooking the ancient city of Istanbul, provides a one-of-a-kind experience with its historical ambiance, luxurious facilities, award-winning cuisine and impeccable service including a personal Butler for all Palace guests.


Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the Old City.

Istanbul El Classico – visit of Hippodrome, Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

Visit the Hippodrome, formerly used as the arena for chariot racing by the Romans. The next stop will be the Blue Mosque - the Imperial Mosque of Sultan Ahmet - decorated with six elegant minarets and exquisite blue Iznik tiles. Continue exploring ancient Constantinople with the impressive masterpiece of Byzantine architecture; the Hagia Sophia.

Private Lunch with beverages at Salt Restaurant, including a Whirling Derwish Ceremony Visit of the Oriental Mysteries – Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar with guide and waterpipe stop. Discover the mysterious and intriguing lives of the Sultans in the 550 years old Topkapı Palace. Finish the day by strolling through the labyrinth streets of the unique Grand Bazaar, which houses 4000 shops.

Dinner: Al Jamal favours east and west traditions all the time. If you want to feel real orientalism, go to Al Jamal and be ready to have an unforgettable night...the restaurant is relatively new and is also a nightclub venue, located in the modern district Macka. Though the food is delicious, Al-Jamal has become a favorite among Istanbul's hipsters with its incredible interior design and colorful shows. Kitchen Lebanon. Belly dancers, DJ music with Arabic and international (Turkish, English) music.

Breakfast and Check-out at the Hotel.

Transfer to the airport by a private vehicle.

Suggested Conference Programme

Suggested Incentive Programme


Suggested Sightseeing

Maiden Tower
The Maiden's Tower (Turkish: Kız Kulesi), also known in the ancient Greek and medieval Byzantine periods as Leander's Tower (Tower of Leandros), sits on a small islet located at the southern entrance of Bosphorus straight 200m (220yd) off the coast of Üsküdar in Istanbul. Used as a lighthouse for centuries, the interior of the tower has been transformed into a popular café and restaurant, with an excellent view of the former Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman capital. Private boats make trips to the tower several times a day.

There are many legends about the construction of the tower and its location.

Dolmabahçe Palace
Dolmabahçe Palace, which was built by Sultan Abdülmecid between 1843 and 1856 to exceed the European palaces in extravagance. After the republic was established in 1923, the palace served as Atatürk's residence during his visits to Istanbul. He died in Dolmabahçe's harem in 1938. All clocks in the palace still mark the hour of his death.'Dolma' is filled or stuffed and 'bahçe' is garden in Turkish. The site of the Dolmabahçe Palace was obtained by filling the small bay on the Bosporus giving the palace its name.

Spice Bazaar
Built in 1660 by Hatice Sultan and financed by the tax collections from Cairo for the trade in Egyptian commodities, especially herbs and spices. The doors open exclusively for your event in this breathtaking atmosphere.

The Aromatic Spice Bazaar from 1663 with its dammed and vaulted shop selling spices and herbs along with a wide variety of commodities, also known as Egyptian Bazaar as it was once endowed with the Cairo imposts. Spices, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, lokum (Turkish delight) and other edibles fill most of the shops, though jewellery and other high-margin goods have begun to move in.

Fener Greek and Balat district
Balat is the traditional Jewish quarter in İstanbul's European part and is situated south of the Golden Horn. Balat is another of the Istanbul quarters in which Jews were settled after their expulsion from Spain, enlarging a community which had lived here since Byzantine times.Today Balat is a working-class district on the shores of the Golden Horn. Though it once had as many as nineteen synagogues, only two of importance remain; the famous Ahrida, and the neighboring Yanbol. The site of a Jewish school is close by, and Or Ahayim Jewish Hospital is several hundred meters to the northwest, within walking distance. Remember to make arrangements in advance with the Chief Rabbinate to visit these sites.

Galata Tower
The tower was built in 1348 for protection at the northernmost point of the Genovese walls. At that time it was called the 'tower of Jesus'. Once it was used as a prison for a period in the Ottoman times. In the 17th century during the reign of Murat IV, Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi flew from this tower on self-made wings and landed in Uskudar on the opposite shore of the Bosphorus.

Rahmi M Koç Museum
The Rahmi M Koç Museum is the first major museum in Turkey dedicated to the history of Transport, Industry and Communications. Housed in magnificent buildings, themselves prime examples of industrial archaeology, on the shore of the historic Golden Horn. The collection contains thousands of items from gramophone needles to full-size ships and aircraft. The location is unrivaled; romantic, historic and convenient to both the Old City and the new. The appeal is universal, objects that affect our daily lives, created by talented engineers and craftsmen, encapsulating man's ingenuity and hard work yet at the same time exhibiting great beauty. The museum educates, informs, and entertains tens of thousands of adults and children each year.

Istanbul Modern
When Istanbul Modern opened its doors in the warehouse number 4 in Karaköy, a project of 17 years was coming to life. We can speak truly of a place that revolutionized the design and concept of museum that existed in Turkey until its opening. Istanbul Modern museum is a meeting place, a social platform and where takes place daily activities and a facility that reflects the rapid change we are experiencing nowadays. This museum consists of two floors. In the first floor there is the beautiful restaurant, the store and rooms of the permanent exhibition. In the lower floor, you can find the temporary exhibitions and library which houses all sorts of magazines and art books.

The Istanbul Offshore Club was established in 1999 and is since then very successful and popular. Amongst others, the club has organised the World Championship Races and was awarded with the 'Best Organizer' badge in 1999, 2000 and 2002.

During the power boat race you will experience Istanbul from another side.

'Skyfall' is a custom designed game to provide a scenario based activity. Participants will go through a real-time thriller adventure with real actors. Participants take the role of cyber terrorists along with the actors to successfully accomplish a mission.

Old Timer Rally
The group will be divided in to small teams and every team gets an old timer. The job of the teams is to find the right stops which are organized by our company members and perform the tasks. Sometimes they have to answer a question, sometimes just to taste something special. The team, which arrives earliest at the final destination, is the winning team and gets a pize. The aim is to present the historical highlights of Istanbul whilst providing fun and entertainment to the team members.

Cooking Class
'The delights of the Ottoman Empire': Initiation and learning. Start the day by buying fresh produce at the famous market; Çiçek Pazar (Flower & Fish Market). This is one of the finest markets in the city which has the appearance of a small neighborhood market. Here you will find the best Turkish Delight, baklava, pistachios, caviar, sucuk (a traditional sausage), pastirma (pastrami) and lots of other delicious foodstuffs. The market is comprised of several arcades. We check in to the The Cooking School and we will prepare a full menu using freshly-purchased market ingredients and traditional recipes. The classroom is fully equipped with kitchen appliances so that each individual can work freely in a small kitchen. Finally, we will enjoy the dishes prepared by the participants and end our meal with the famous traditional Turkish coffee (drinks and wine included).

Princes' Island and Phaeton Tour
The Princes’ Islands consist of a group of 9 islands (Kinali, Burgaz, Kasik, Sivri, Yassi, Heybeli, Buyuk Ada, Sedef and Marti) in the Sea of Marmara, close to the shores of Istanbul. If you feel the need to escape from the bustle of Istanbul for a day, nothing could be easier. The islands, which are free of cars, are famous for their mild climate, lush vegetation and traditional wooden Ottoman houses with delightful gardens. Take a walk or tour the island in a horse-drawn carriage known as a 'phaeton' which will take you through the streets of the island, past stately homes, restaurants and cafes and through pine forests with spectacular panoramas.  Buyukada, the largest of Istanbul's Princes Islands, is the most-visited, and for a good reason; it has the most to see and do due to its size (5.4 square km, 1334 acres). Whilst touring the island by horse-drawn carriage, stop half-way and take a break to climb to the top of the highest hill to visit the 1,000 year-old Aya Yorgi Monastery and Church (Agios Georgios) and enjoy their stunning views over the archipelago.

Nightlife & Entertainment

360 Istanbul is located at the top floor of Misir Apartment, which is one of the most beautiful buildings that enhances the historical structure of the Beyoglu district. The design transfers itself from a restaurant to a wonderful event space. With a size of 800m2 the place is designed with a high ceiling that has a glass curtain system opening onto the panoramic terrace. 360° is listed as one of the best restaurants of the world by Conde Nast. The South African Chef, living now for more than a decade in Istanbul produces one of the best fusions of International as well as Turkish Cuisine.

Reina is less of a club, rather a vast entertainment emporium that includes several bars, restaurants and dance floors that can accommodate more than 2500 people.  Located at the foot of the European side of the Bosphorus Bridge, the ‘world under one roof’ concept is in many ways a metaphor for multicultural Turkey.

Vogue, located at the top floor of Besiktas Plaza, is one of the most favoured restaurants & bars in Istanbul since the day it was opened in June 1997. Vogue Restaurant & Bar is one of the best and most convenient meeting points in Istanbul, with its wide selection of delicious menus, immaculate service and central location. The 'Zagat Survey' selected Vogue as 'one of the best restaurants' in Istanbul. Vogue was also awarded as 'the best restaurant' in 2002 TimeOut Istanbul / Miller Food and Beverage Rewards. It is a great pleasure to eat in the distinguished environment of Vogue which is surrounded with the Bosphorous view.

Al Jamal Restaurant is a relatively new restaurant and nightclub venue, located in the modern district Macka. Though the food is delicious, Al-Jamal has become a favorite among Istanbul’s hipsters with its incredible interior design and colorful shows. Kitchen Lebanon. Belly dancers, DJ music with arabic and international (Turkish, English) music.

Nevizade Sokak. Tucked away behind the fish market just off Istiklal Caddesi, Nevizade Sokak is possibly Istanbul's liveliest street. On weekend nights you'll literally have to shoulder your way through the crowd moseying along the narrow passage that's full to the gunwales with cafés, bars, and meyhanes. A meyhane is a Turkish tavern, evolved through the country's centuries-long proximity to Greek culture, and a night at one basically involves the marathon consumption of the trademark anise-flavored tipple Raki, along with the protracted ingestion of Meze (starters, usually displayed on a large tray that's brought to your table), salads, fish main dishes, and a fruit dessert.

Links below for Geminis selection of Cafes & Bars in Istanbul

Waterpipe Cafes
Beer House's
Turkish Delight, Helva & Baklava tasting


Theme Party Ideas For Incentives

Suada: An entertainment Island
An island between two continents… A unique private organisation at Suada with live music, dancing and an open buffet dinner.

Suda Kebap is a brand of Su Entertaintment Group and serves Gaziantep’s local tastes by combining qualified and flawless service. It takes it’s customers to a taste journey filled with unique appetizers, foods and desserts.

Private Lunch with a Whirling Dervish Ceremony
Guests will be greeted by the Janissary band. Traditional Janissary is a sign of majesty.

Tasting traditional Turkish appetizers and dishes whilst enjoying a performance of the famous ‘Whirling Dervishes’.  It is their unique form of worship that is so famous. In long white robes and conical hats, the participants of the sema, or whirling ceremony, spin in a whirling meditation to chants, music and verses recited from the Koran.

Fever Night: The 80s Party
…back to the eighties.

The eighties is a decade which is very joyful and creative with a colorful and gently crazy fashion. A private organisation in one of the most popular venues in Istanbul. Recreating the spirit with eighties albums, costumes (The best costume get a free bottle of wine!) and matching decoration.


Convention Centres

The Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Centre (ICEC)
ICEC consists of 25 halls and 26 meeting rooms in which different events, congresses and exhibitions can be organized simultaneously. It is located in the heart of the city's business and cultural centre, allowing travelers easy access to municipal, domestic and international transportation networks.

Haliç Congress Centre
Haliç Congress Centre is the only seaside congress centre in İstanbul. It offers the most alternatives available for all types of organisations. Its halls, auditoriums, foyers and outdoor areas are the most sought after for holding conventions, meetings, conferences, product launches, exhibits / fairs, cocktail parties, wedding receptions, film galas and special theatrical performances.

Istanbul Congress Centre (ICC)
Istanbul Congress Center, located in Harbiye, has a total indoor area of 119.560m², including the Muhsin Ertuğrul Theater with an area of 8.610m², as well as the Congress Center which is 110.950m².


A Few Extra Touches

Waterpipe at Tophane
The Turkish water pipe or nargile (sometimes also called a hookah or hubble-bubble) has been around for centuries. Tophane, or rather Nargile Central, is full of cafés where visitors can enjoy tree-shaded gardens.

Pera walking with gourmet stops
The Grand Rue de Pera of the 19th and early 20th centuries was the focus of Istanbul's society life. The 1.2 km pedestrian street is packed with an arbitrary scattering of music and bookstores, movie theatres and cultural centres, cafes, restaurants and bars, commercial banks and offices, shopping outlets and bazaars, consulates and embassies, churches, historical arcades and passage ways.

Lokum tasting at Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir (since 1777)
From the time of its founding during the Ottoman Empire, the name Haci Bekir has become a legend in Ottoman and Turkish confectionery and a leading symbol of this art.

Fish and Raki
Delicious fish and raki are available at the various restaurants in Cicek Pasaji (Pera Street), Nevizade (Pera Street), Kumkapi or Karaköy. Raki is a strong booze (45% alcohol) with a dominant aniseed taste. It is diluted with water and drunk slowly, together with cheese, melon, appetizers (meze), etc.

Turkish Baklava at Güllüoglu
The people of Istanbul first met with a baklava shop in 1949 in Karaköy. A master of baklava from the Güllüoğlu family in Gaziantep Mustafa Güllü on 7/11/1949 opened the first baklava shop in Istanbul in Halilpaşa street no.12 in Karaköy. From that day on the first address of baklava in Istanbul is the Güllüoğlu shop in Karaköy.

Whirling Dervish Ceremony
Tasting traditional Turkish appetizers and dishes while enjoying a performance of the famous 'Whirling Dervishes'.  It is their unique form of worship that is so famous. In long white robes and conical hats, the participants of the sema, or whirling ceremony, spin in a whirling meditation to chants, music and verses recited from the Koran.


Welcome Gifts

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