For 15 years Passion for Events’ reputation has been built on ideas & innovation. We are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and only work with licensed and qualified suppliers; we will select only the best staff available in every field according to the level of each assigned job. We look at new ideas that later translate into new products. Our purchasing power and negotiation skills offer the best rates available and all events, meetings, conferences, conventions and reward programmes are handled with attention to detail.

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Capital Buenos Aires
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Company   -   Passion for Events

Passion for Events is based in Buenos Aires city and operates across all destinations that Argentina and Uruguay offer. Our company is privately owned with two partners; Araceli Di Meglio and Pablo Ribaric.

Passion for Events are a Destination Management Company specialising in event management. With over 15 years of experience in the MICE industry, we offer our clients unique proposals with alternative options to suit any budget and style; and we can guarantee a seamless event for your group. Whether it is an incentive, meeting or specialist event, we always try to exceed our clients' expectations from start to finish, featuring the true Argentina and highlighting its culture, values, gastronomy and traditions. For us, communication, attention to detail and quality are part of our Bible. Our proposals are not set; we tailor make every request according to the nature of the audience, producing unique options.


We are convinced the impossible can be turned into reality. We open the door to the most reserved secrets of our country to get an ‘insider's approach’ to our culture. We love Argentina and our traditions. 


• Ideas & innovation; we love creating new ideas, using new venues and  activities; we have the know how and experience to organise what is necessary to ensure the perfect event.

• 15 years of experience in the MICE business in Argentina. We worked with many groups and have operated programmes with delegates from all over the world.

• Best quality supplier’s portfolio. We only work with licensed suppliers and qualified people, selecting the best staff available in every field.

• Best travel experiences. We know about Motivation; we believe that if you have a memorable time, it will turn into an experience that delegates will never forget and will treasure for a lifetime.

• Local product knowledge. We love Argentina and we are constantly working on trying new ideas, exploring our own country, monitoring suppliers and looking for new ideas that will later transform into new products.

• The best purchasing power and negotiation skills to offer the best rates available.

• Enthusiastic creative team with solid operation background.

No journey is complete without that extra, unexpected touch that makes the experience unique and unforgettable.

OUR MOTTO; Live life with Passion. We want to share our passion with every guest.



Argentina is a country offering a array of options, catering to every group. Discover Argentina's diverse landscapes, from vast deserts, glaciers, mountain ranges and waterfalls. Enjoy, Gaucho Feasts on the Pampas, with lunches on the islands of the Delta of the Parana River and  banquets in beautiful surroundings. Argentina also affers wine tastings, penguin, elephant seal, whale watching, the wonders of the Andes; waterfalls of Iguazu, golf, tennis and polo clubs. Your groups can enjoy life on a ranch, travelling through the Andean lakes and over the highest mountains to Chile, with visits to the southernmost city of the world and access to Antarctica. These are just some of the attractions that can be offered. Take advantage of a country like Argentina. It’s full of opportunities!

A multicultural Metropolis, Buenos Aires is an exceptional, dynamic, sophisticated and overwhelming combination of European flair and the charm of Latin American cities. The city offers a wide variety of great hotels, venues and restaurants for any group size. Art, culture, soccer, Polo, Tango, Opera and much more, all together in one place.

The capital is recognised by its wide cultural; day and night, 365 days of the year. Ideas for your group  include the Colon Theatre and smaller theatres (most of them located on the Corrientes Avenue), old bookstores, new cultural centres and more than 100 museums and art galleries. Other places to visit are the larger craft fairs, modern shopping centres, historical coffee houses, bars featuring tango and milonga shows, casinos and the most passionate football games.

Visitors may tour around the city visiting the most traditional neighbourhoods like San Telmo, La Boca, Congreso or Abasto, or the most sophisticated ones like Recoleta or Belgrano. The most modern neighbourhoods are Puerto Madero or Palermo; birthplace of the vanguard design. Follow the steps of emblematic characters of either tango or Argentine culture, like Gardel, Evita or Borges.

For those who enjoy sailing, the Río de la Plata offers many options.

Glaciar Perito Moreno Calafate is a small town,  declared World Natural Site by Unesco. Perito Moreno National Park is a majestic glacier that descends from the ice cap into the Lago Argentino, forming a barrier 3 km wide and 50 metres high, a reminder of the Ancient Ice Age. Enjoy the natural show of the  falling ice from a wooden platform directly in front of the Canal de los Tempanos (Icebergs Canal) and the same time the vast isolation of Patagonia. 

Where nature works its magic! Salta has an important historical heritage, guests arriving here will have the opportunity to establish direct contact with ancestral customs that have remained alive in the town. The famous juicy empanadas and Torrontes wines, the lively music of guitars around a table, making everybody feel the party vibe. The scenery of La Puna and rainforests are such a great contrast along with old country houses and constructions from the colonial period which are today are transformed into inns and hotels with beautiful yards and gardens. 

Where the Andes meet the southern ocean; Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. It is located on the shores of the Beagle Channel, at the southern tip of Tierra del Fuego Island, and surrounded by the Martial Mounts. It is a crossover point to Antarctica. Extreme and isolated, Ushuaia is home to the most wonderful sea fauna that you can access. Pure lakes and snowy mountain peaks, impressive cliffs, and the silence of the southernmost Patagonia region, makes Ushuaia a perfect retreat for nature lovers who want to discover places that are still untouched.

Wine Country and the magnificent Andes Mountain range; Mendoza is a place where you can combine outdoor activities, excellent wine, gastronomy and the the Andes as a backdrop to everything. It is a privileged land, where sunshine, pure water and dry soil makes the perfect setting for Malbec, our favourite national grape. Unique properties at the foothills of the Andes, inclduing more than 300 wineries can be used for private functions, wine tastings and much more. Mendoza is an excellent place to conduct an event as it counts with great service, varied accommodation options, and wonderful climate all year round.

One of the planet's most inspiring sights! Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet where the Iguazu River joins the Parana River, in the North-eastern province of Argentina called Misiones. It is here where the Iguazu Falls (‘Big Water’ in the local Guarani language) plunges in a series of waterfalls 2 miles in length and more than 240 feet below. Iguazú is a wow factor on its own, one of the most popular destinations in Argentina, easy to access and combine with Buenos Aires or any other destination within South America. 

Pure nature, the Valdés Peninsula is one of South America’s finest wildlife reserves. It is the breeding ground for Southern Right Whales, southern elephant seals and southern sea lions. The Peninsula itself is a large wasteland, with the lowest point on the South American continent, one of the lowest continental depressions in the world, the salt flats of Salina Grande and Salina Chica, 132 feet below sea level. The whales come to mate and give birth near these shores in the late winter and stay until the end of November. They are a delight to watch as they play in the water within a the reach of your hand. For this reason, Puerto Madryn and Peninsula Valdes are a natural sanctuary.

Home to the most spectacular scenery, Argentina's lake district is situated 1,600 kilometres (2 hour flight) South West from Buenos Aires. Here, the great Andes Mountains spread into a landlocked lake area of  scenic contrasts. Huge forest and glacier-fed lakes make Bariloche and the whole area a picture-postcard location.

El Camino de los 7 Lagos, (the seven lake's drive), is a scenic drive that will take you away from the crowds to the lake-side Villas: La Angostura, San Martin de los Andes and Traful, a perfect combination to Bariloche and nature discovery. The range of activities in this area include skiing, fishing, golf, walking, mountain climbing, windsurfing, rafting, canopy, Condor watching, and horseback riding.


DMC Programme Ideas

Iguazu & Buenos Aires Sample Programme

Buenos Aires Sample Programme


Suggested Sightseeing

Snap Shots of Buenos Aires
An in-depth introduction to its history and architecture, the culture of its people, anecdotes and secrets.  Buenos Aires highlights will be visited, acknowledging the transformation of a village that grew into a mega city.

Recoleta- short visit to Recoleta Cemetery
The Recoleta cemetery is an example of great and different architectural styles; many leaders of the Argentine history are buried there, between exquisite statues.

La Boca visit to the world-famous Club Atletico Boca Juniors
La Boca is home to the world-famous Club Atletico Boca Juniors; the biggest football club in Argentina. At the entrance hall there is a mural painting by Benito Quinquela Martín, depicting the colours of the club (blue and yellow). Another mural painting, by Pérez Celis, featuring the club and the neighborhood characters can be seen on the external facade. The Museo de la Pasión Boquense (Boca Juniors Fan Museum) is located on Brandsen street, a short distance from the stadium.

El Zanjon de Granados: Tunnels and mystery
Some historians point to the Zanjon de Granados ravines as the site of the first settlement of Buenos Aires in 1536. According to the Buenos Aires Heritage Guide edited by the city council, this site represents the most important archeological project in the city of Buenos Aires. El Zanjón offers a fascinating and unusual glimpse into five centuries of urban archaeology.

Thematic Tours:

Evita and Peronism Tour
The tour puts its focus on Eva Duarte (Evita), her political performance, her tragic death and the myth that prevails to this day. Some of the places of most importance in her life will be visited as well as the place where her corpse was mummified and the museum opened to commemorate her legacy.

The Origins of Tango: Buenos Aires southbound...
The former collective houses (conventillos) and the traces of the European immigration of San Telmo, the brothel area of La Boca, and Barracas’ factories are the main attractions of a tour that meanders through the origins of tango. Some of the most famous pieces of music are listened to throughout the tour, while a rich analysis of its evolution is provided.

Literary Buenos Aires
Alongside great writers such as Oliverio Girondo, Jorge Luis Borges, Silvina Ocampo, Julio Cortázar and Ernesto Sábato, this extremely interesting side of Buenos Aires is discovered for us. Buenos Aires is deeply marked by literary traces while neighborhoods and city corners also feature in many literary works. We dive deep into poetry and story reading throughout this drive.

Buenos Aires Art Scene
“Buenos Aires Art Scene” allow us to view a wide range of the pieces exhibited in the most important city museums.

Splendid Buenos Aires Architecture: The sites to be visited are: National Parliament Palace, Colon Theatre, Banco Hipotecario (Jewel of brutalism), Kavanagh Building (perfect example of the blend between art deco and rationalism), Barolo Palace (inspired in the Divine Comedy), Retiro central train station (a brilliant example of railway architecture), and the more modern Puerto Madero buildings.

The Fields
Fiesta Gaucha: In a selected charming Estancia located outside the city of Buenos Aires. The region has a definite rural identity and traditional customs. The gaucho of Buenos Aires is the model that has been taken and repeated, with variations, in the other regions. Visit the many skillful artisans in the area, learn how to horseback ride and enjoy the country.

Polo day
Ride around the countryside, feeling nature, the roads, horses, pastures and groves first-hand. Guided tour around the stables. Description of the horse-breeding process, care-taking and training at the highest level of competition.

The River
Sailing at Tigre on the wooden boats: On board very modern or wooden traditional boats, guests will have the chance to relax whilst tasting various snacks with cold cuts, cheeses and wine while admiring the city from the river.


Evita / MNBA. Museo de Nacional de Bellas Artes / MAT, Tigre Museum

Places of Interest

Vintage Subway
From the 5 subway lines running, Line A, is the oldest one! This wooden train (dated from 1915) is the oldest train in the whole of South America. 

Café Tortoni
Tortoni has been the gathering place for intellectuals, such as the famous Tango singer Carlos Gardel, and Jorge Luis Borges; the father of Argentine literature, to famous tango dancers and popular politicians. With chandeliers and well-polished wooden tables coffee has been served here since 1858.

Colon Theatre
The Teatro Colón holds secrets in every corner. Enjoy a tour and listening to historical tales of more than a hundred years in the service of Argentina and world culture.

National Park Iguazú Falls

Argentine & Brazilian side

Visit the Iguazu Falls National Park. From the Argentine side you access the falls... the Upper, Lower and the Devil's Throat Circuits in addition to the Garganta del Diablo; where you will experience the jungle and the sounds of falling waters. From the Brazilian side you will have a fantastic panoramic view of the falls.

The Grand Adventure Excursion
Amble into the heart of the jungle, at the waters edge we will board our zodiac-like boats and head up the rapids of the river. The captain will do the unthinkable as he heads the craft directly into the falls and  refresh his passengers with an overspray from falls above.

Parque de Aves
The Parque de Aves is located near the Cataratas de Iguazú National Park, and you will experience a direct contact with more than 1020 birds from about 150 different species.

Perito Moreno Glacier And National Park
This park runs parallel to the Andes for over 120 miles (200km). On the boundary with Chile, lies the eastern side of the continental Ice Cap. A majestic glacier that descends from the ice cap into Lake Argentino, forming a barrier 3km wide and 50 metere high. The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the natural wonders of the world and a reminder of the Ancient Ice Age.

Glaciarium. Centro de Interpretación & Bar
Models, photographs, screens, and other interactive presentations are housed within two halls. At the GLACIOBAR, tables and couches are made up of glacier ice. It was the first ice bar in South America, and the first bar to be designed with blocks of ice from the PERITO MORENO GLACIER!

Estancia Cristina Discovery Day
To visit the Upsala glacier and the Estancia is certainly an ideal combination of adventure, glaciers and history. 

Scenic Surroundings
This tour takes vistitors along 60 km of some of the most attractive scenery in Argentina. Visit the town of Bariloche, Llao Llao peninsula between Lago Moreno and Nahuel Huap; the beautiful Lopez Bay with views of Catedral, Lopez and the Otto mountains.

Colonia Suiza
A town sheltered by high hills and very old forests of cypresses and coihues. Here guests will be delighted with the excellent Curanto; a typical Patagonian style cooking, prepared with dedication by expert cooks.

Circuito Chico & Circuito Grande
During the visit you will discover 'Playa Bonita', 'Península San Pedro', 'Cerro Campanario', 'Iglesia San Eduardo', 'Hotel LLao LLao', 'Lago Escondido', 'Arroyo Angostura', 'Punto Panorámico' & 'Laguna El Trebol', with impressive vistas of Lago Nahual Huapi, Lago Moreno & Cerro Tronador.

Victoria island and Myrtle Forest
This is the most important and traditional trip in Nahuel Huapi National Park. Setting off from Pañuelo Port, we arrive at Quetrihué Península, where you visit the unique Myrtle Forest, which is considered the only one left in the world. Then after sailing to Victoria Island and disembarking at Puerto Anchorena, you will be able to enjoy natural viewpoints and walk along trails. At Playa del Toro (Bull Beach) you can see cave paintings and relax on a beach of volcanic sand.

Exclusive Estancia Experience
In a mountain ranch and lodge enjoy what Patagonia has to offer besides a privileged location within the Nahuel Huapi National Park.  Hike mountain trails with views over the facing mountains and the Gutiérrez and Mascardi lakes, reach waterfalls, ride on horseback crossing native forests and valleys. A typical Patagonia barbecue will be also served.

Beagle Channel
Sail on sail-boat along the Beagle Channel to Isla de los Estados, east of Tierra del Fuego; a reserve where the original lighthouse of Jules Verne stands recently refurbished.

Tierra del Fuego National Park & Lapataia Bay
Take the steam train of the End of the World, a replica of the first trains in the region and ride along bridges, waterfalls, woodlands and peat bogs, covering the same tracks as the old convict train, ending at Lapataia National Park. Take the chair lift to Cerro Martial and navigate on a catamaran along the Beagle Channel, sighting Bird Island and Sea-Lion Island, the mysterious Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and Isla Martillo penguin colonies.


Theme Party Ideas For Incentives

Tango Night at El viejo Almacén - Street Party
A colourful Tango evening specially designed for your group in the most traditional tango club in BA; El Viejo Almacén, showing off Buenos Aires’ best tango. A picturesque colonial building on a typical narrow cobbled-stoned street in the heart of the old district of San Telmo. We close the street to traffic and recreate a lively atmosphere of the twenties, placing tables and chairs and characters to mingle among the group. Cocktails are served on the street and dinner inside, accompanied by a specially designed show and décor. This could be a black, red and white night; the colours of Tango.”

Description and timings of the evening:                         

8:00 p.m.                          Depart Hotel, each bus with a host

8:15 p.m.                           Arrive at El Viejo Almacén in the heart of old San Telmo district.

8:15 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.    Cocktails on the street (street arranged to be closed to traffic), open bar, tables and chairs on the cobbled-stones, street entertainers; typical characters from the twenties, such as a florist with flower stand, a newspaper vendor, a shoe-shiner, a tango couple, a High Society couple, policeman, malevo, vintage cars and the music of a bandoneón. Photos may be taken during cocktails outdoors.  Waiters dressed in costumes.

9:15 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.   Dinner inside the restaurant (special décor with red roses and feathers, designed menus), creative backdrop of tango atmosphere on stage.

10:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m. After dessert is served a special 40 minute Tango Show will begin at El Viejo Almacén Venue: sextet orchestra; 4 dancing couples and 2 singers will span the evolution of the tango with a varied wardrobe featuring the different times. Dancers will invite guests to dance at the end of the show. Orchestra to continue dancing.

11:30 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.  Return to hotel

Evita Sings Goodbye
We propose a theme party of the ’40's and 50's'; the decades in which Eva Peron lived her youth. Her meteoric rise from her beginnings as a poor villager in the backwaters of the interior, to a status as one of the most intriguing, engaging, and powerful figures in a male-dominated culture is a tale worth retelling because of its uniqueness.

Historical film documents and the Alan Parker movie can be played during the night. We suggest to mix the history with images of the group during their stay in Buenos Aires and to make an edited video to be played at this farewell dinner.

The most moving moment of the night will be Evita’s performance, when a professional singer with Evita’s “phisic du role” suddenly appears singing the world famous song “Don't cry for me Argentina”.

The Venue: A French style building originally built in 1857, and renovated in several stages preserving its original structure. The magnificent vitraux with the image of St. Michael the archangel are among the most important architectural details. 

Renoir Room: The main Ball-Room (Renoir, 530 sq.m.) occupies two levels. The ground floor is a vast rectangle room (33.50 x 15.30 m) with marbles, columns, moldings, crystal chandeliers and parquet floors. A Carrara marble staircase leads to the upper level (Utrillo Room), surrounded by balconies with iron railings, elaborate plaster-work, with fruit and flower garlands, cherubs and coat-of-arms, a colourful vitrail of Saint Michael the Archangel, and an overwrought stained-glass ceiling and central dome. The Renoir Room fits 420 people for a sit-down dinner with dance-floor; 1000 for a Cocktail-Party and 550 theatre-style.

Entertainment Options:

Fiesta Latina
A themed dinner where guests can dance to the rhythms of Latin music from all South America. For this event we  have food and drinks stations from Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Brazil. During the night we will have performances that represent each of the countries with music, light effects, video projections and dance. Dancers will encourage guests to dance the Tango, Cumbia, Salsa and the Brazilian carnival,

We can also arrange:
- An open bar section, covered with bamboo sticks, and a thatched roof with Leis haning from the bamboo and roof.
- Art; A large graffiti wall with a variety of different pens will be available for you to scribble slogans or a message.
- The Music Room; The disco, where you can make your music requests.
- The History Room; A selection of pictures of guests when they were aged 12, will be displayed for all to see and discover who they are. 

Dinner at the San Isidro Hippodrome - Passion for Horses
San Isidro Hippodrome is located in the northern residential area of Buenos Aires, in the San Isidro district. This fabulous racetrack is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world and can only be compared to those in England, Paris and Hong Kong.  The course has a grass surface and a surrounding woodland.  Races normally take place on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday beginning at 4.30 pm.

Start the evening with an informal drinks reception at the 3rd floor official Club Tribune which can be hired for the exclusive use of your group.  This is a great way to enjoy the excitement of the racing whilst relaxing in the elegant and modern surrounds of the Club.  The last races are floodlit adding to the glamour of the night and the final race is at 9 pm.  The Club Tribune is transformed into an elegant dining room with tables decorated with floral centrepieces, ready for a formal dinner to be served after the last racing. During the night we can organise different entertainment segments. Capacity: 400  

Argentina Discovery - Masters of food and Wine
This is a great option for a welcome dinner and a fun way for guests to discover the beauty and secrets of a country with so many different cultural influences.  The evening begins with a cocktail reception offering a traditional welcome drink. Each area of the ballroom will be decorated to depict different regions of Argentina; Mesopotamia, Chaco, the Northwest, Cuyo, Patagonia and the Pampas will all be on display.  Each region will display their typical arts and crafts as well as pictures of the local scenery and folklore. 

Guests will be able to sample local dishes and learn about the different recipes while local entertainers play their regional folk songs and artisans display and create their artwork.   Just some of the culinary delicacies may include delicious roast lamb from southern Argentina, tamales from Jujuy and empanadas from Salta in the north, not forgetting the wonderful selection of Argentine cheeses and desserts made with the Argentine caramel “dulce de leche”. 

As a distinctive and memorable leaving gift, each guest will be given a sample of Argentine traditional craftwork. A fun evening and a great introduction not only to the diverse city of Buenos Aires but also to the whole of Argentina.

El Zanjon de Granados, tunnels and mistery
A journey into the past....

Zanjon de Granados - Some historians point to the Zanjon de Granados ravines as the site of the first settlement of Buenos Aires in 1536. The remains of the city were never found, but we have been left with the testimony of Ulrico Schmidl; the first historian of the River Plate and fellow-traveler of the founder Don Pedro de Mendoza. A section of the old Zanjon was found under a historical XIX century building which extended over the whole length of the square. Other sections of the Zanjon were unearthed including ruins of foundations, old walls, floors, water wells, sewage pits, which were built and destroyed between 1730 and 1865. According to the Buenos Aires Heritage Guide edited by the city council, this site represents the most important archeological project in the city of Buenos Aires.

El Zanjón offers a fascinating and unusual glimpse into five centuries of urban archaeology. Visitors to a new destination in the historic San Telmo district travel back in time as they descend from a beautifully restored 1830s house into other architectural elements such a spectacular labyrinth of wide, vaulted brick tunnels walled off and buried on the site.

The Theme: Welcome to an amazing story! A guided tour of the buildings, excavations and ruins. History of tango and live tango itself will surprise you in a spectacular vaulted brick tunnel that offers an unusual glimpse into five hundred years of urban archaeology.

The guided tour ends with a cocktail held in the basement where argentine wines will be enjoyed. Dinner will follow in the main banquet hall and coffee and petit fours will be served in an old patio where tango dancing will frame an unforgettable evening. If you feel you have seen everything Buenos Aires has to offer, please let us surprise you.


Convention Centres


Iguazú Convention Centre offers flexible independent air-conditioned lounges in modules, window overlooking the park, natural light, Wi-Fi, distinguished catering service, waiters and receptionists.

Hall Del Iguazu:

Auditorium: 750 pax
Banquet: 500 pax
Cocktail: 1000 pax

Hall A, B & C:

Auditorium: 220 pax
U Shape: 50 pax
School: 180 pax
Banquets: 170 pax
Cocktail: 300 pax

We have a special space for  large fairs and banquets, achieving a total capacity of 500 persons in banquet structural tent. The centre has a stage ideal for large conferences and presentations. The large hall can be divided into three equal rooms by acoustic insulation panels.


(Air conditioners, heating, furniture, telephone, Wi-Fi)

Imperial: 40 pax
U Shape: 45 pax
School: 120 pax
Banquets: 170 pax
Auditorium: 180 pax
Cocktail: 250 pax

Basic Equipment:

• FOH + technical operator
• 3500 + projector screen 4 x 3
• Laptop for presentation

Services, food & Beverages:

Different options Coffee breaks, lunch and dinner

The province of Salta is not just culture, art, tradition, beauty and diversity in its landscapes, but it is also the ideal setting for business related meetings and conventions. 

Salta’s Convention Centre is located in one of the entrances to the city, on the way to the International Airport Martín Miguel de Güemes at the Limache roundabout, with the entry access at Kennedy Avenue, and only 10 minutes away from the city centre. This means it has a central location which provides easy access to many important places in town.

The halls and rooms are designed  for all kinds of meetings, with a total area of 10,685 m2, made up of a large main hall of 2,360 m2 which can be divided into two, three or four smaller rooms with fully mobile acoustic panels. Each of the rooms is connected to the access foyer through separate entrances. It also has three additional halls for conferences, workshops and committee meetings. Two of these rooms can be joined with mobile panels. The multipurpose room (SUM) has operational services and facilities, fully equipped kitchens, restrooms, storage areas, wardrobes, among others, and a large lounge area which can be used for coffee breaks or exhibitions.

Fully equipped and multi-use spaces.

Each hall is equipped with the technology and services that any kind of meeting would need, ensuring that each one will be a success.

As for its technical facilities, the Salta’s Convention Center has centralized heating and air conditioning, fire detection and extinguisher systems, and natural light regulated via motorized curtains and dimmers.


A Few Extra Touches


Tango Lessons - Experience the magic and seduction of the Tango having lessons at a Tango dance school, with accomplished and well known argentine Tango dancers.

Antique Bus Transfers: Part of the tour can be done in 50’s and 60’s vintage buses. These are real vintage buses that add a 'wow' effect and a surprise element to the day. 

Street Tango: We can arrange for your guests to be surprised by a couple of tango street dancers.

Bandoneon Welcome: We can arrange for a bandoneon player to be waiting on your hotel lobby, holding a sign with the group name, playing Adios Nonnino; Astor Piazzolla's most famous song.

Evita's Opera performance: We propose a theme party of the ’40 and ’50, the decades in which Eva Perón lived her youth. The most moving moment of the night will be Evita’s performance, when a professional singer with Evita’s 'physic du role' suddenly appears singing the world famous song 'Don't cry for me Argentina'.


Explore the astonishing Iguazú Falls by land and air, and take in some of the best views our planet has to offer! Visit a viewpoint on the Brazilian side of the falls, followed by a memorable helicopter flight over the majestic waterfall canyon.

Exclusive outdoor lunch at Dos Hermanas Waterfall: Finger food, refreshing drinks and Guarani music overlooking the falls.

Gala Dinner In The Jungle: The restaurant by night in the jungle will be an unforgettable experience.

Full Moon:  A one-of-a-kind show that must be seen! While watching the waterfalls in the Full Moon silver light, time just stops,and one cannot help wanting to go back.

Mini trekking on the Moreno Glacier
This is a unique experience with a rare oppotunity to see the Glacier, walking on it in complete safety!


Patagonian Toast in a special setting:  Glass of Champagne or Spumante / Premium Chocolates /Fresh Forest fruits / Nuts (almonds, cajú, hazelnut)

Other surprises..

Local Dancers (Tango & Milonga, Folklore, etc.)
Acrobatic shows in the Outdoors


Welcome Gifts


Specialist Groups

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