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First United is a family owned and run Destination Management Company/Professional Congress Organiser, based in Bergen, Norway. Our overall objective is to provide personalised services through tailor made programmes for incentives, conventions, conferences, meetings and corporate events, and to supply the best incoming services money can buy.

Kostadveien 23
N-5257 Kokstad, Bergen
Tel:+ 47 55 23 00 70

Mr Harald Riisnæs - Director


Company   -   First United

First United is an independent Norwegian Professional Congress Organiser and Inbound Corporate Travel Specialist.

Our staff is well trained and has considerable experience operating every kind of travel related service, whether it is for Incentives, Meetings & Conventions, or tailor-made travel programs and excursions. Our creative New Product Developments, our staff’s dependability and in-depth product knowledge mixed with a fundamental, continuous attention to even the smallest details, have placed our company among the leading operators in the field.



Norway is a fantastic country and is well known for its breathtaking nature. The beautiful scenery offers magnificent mountains, where you can ski all year round and its famous fjords where you can discover the mesmerizing midnight sun.

In Tromsö you can do everything in the city centre and enjoy the northern lights, or in the smaller villages you can go out on a spectacular whale safari! This experience doesn't leave anyone untouched.

Röros is Norway’s coldest city and the entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bergen - Old city with a young outlook

With currently 240,000 inhabitants and a history dating back some 925 years, this pulsating city has a unique atmosphere. This makes Bergen, the second largest city in Norway.

It is no coincidence that this city was named one of Europe’s best culture cities. Here you can find atmosphere, authenticity and world heritage qualities. This is a city with its heart in the right place - full of infectious enthusiasm, and happy to share it with visitors.

The city has also been voted one of the cleanest and tidiest in Europe!

Bergen is known as the ‘city between the 7 hills’ and ‘the gateway to the fjords’. Its is a former Hanseatic port and birthplace of famous composer Edward Grieg.  It has a unique architecture and is home to Europe’s largest areas of well kept wooden houses; still in use. The nearby Fish market is truly world famous and is must for salmon lovers!

Bergen is the ideal incentive destination, offering the attractive combination of wild nature, culture, high quality and vibrant city life. In the month of May and June, the evenings are light and pleasant. Sun sets at approx. 11 pm, but it never gets dark!

The light nights combined with the fresh air, the exciting night life and the historic, picturesque town streets, make Bergen one of the most excitingdestinations to visit in the summer months!

One thing you cannot miss when you’re visiting Bergen is to take a day's glacier tour. This is a fantastic experience that gives the visitor an adrenaline rush.

Being ‘the gateway to the fjords’, the city is the natural starting point for breathtaking fjord explorations. Both the majestic Sognefjord and the charming Hardangerfjord are easily accessible from Bergen on a leisurely day trip. Bergen is also known for the outgoing point to the famous Hurtigrutten. Departures are offered every evening and the whole tour takes 11 days.

Lunch at “On The Roof Top of Bergen”
Arrive at the Fløien Funicular station, where the visitors will be able to experience the thrilling funicular ride up the steep mountain side, to the top of mount Fløien. Inside the station – a professional cello artist may sit and play some Norwegian songs to put the guests in right Norwegian mood!

The venue for lunch will be situated 1050 ft above sea level! The view of Bergen and the surrounding fjord area is purely breathtaking! It is a walk of about 200 metres up to the Restaurant Fløien, which is situated in a beautiful and elegant building and offers truly unrivalled view of the city of Bergen. Here you will really find it difficult not to fall in love with this town, after a visit to Mount Fløien!

By Air
You can easily get to Bergen’s airport Flesland from all of Europe. If you are coming from further away, it’s often enough with only one connection flight between Europe and Bergen.

If you want to combine Oslo with Bergen this is a perfect match! It only takes 50 minutes by air between these fantastic cities.

Oslo- “The heart of Norway”
Where in the world can you go for a long walk in the forest, take a swim in the fjords and go to a concert all in the same day? Well, Oslo is the place to be. Oslo offers all activities you can imagine and makes this a unique destination for a congress arrangement - or any event.

Oslo is the capital of Norway, with 600,000 inhabitants in Norway.

Norway is the land of Fjords and Oslo is located in the inner parts of the Oslo fjord. It is surrounded by rolling hills and the presence of nature is apparent.

The city was founded in the year 1,000 AD and has since been part of both Denmark and Sweden. In 1814 the last union with Sweden was formed and it held until May 17th 1905 when Norway gained its independence. The celebrations on May 17th are abundant and colourful; and the day is a national holiday.

Oslo is specially characterized of old and new architecture, nature, and its Viking history. It is a lively city, excellent for cultural, sports activities and night life. In the harbour, a large number of charter boats offer trips among the many islands of the Oslofjord.

Oslo is well known for the Alfred Nobel world of peace award. Every year on 10th of December this prestige full award ceremony takes place here- combine this with an event and you have a successful and rare experience to share with your clients.

Don’t miss out trying the famous cheese of Norway- brunost!

Stave Churches
There are dozens of medieval wooden stave churches across the country, many still in excellent condition; stave church enthusiasts come to Norway just for the chance to tour them.

Outdoor activities
If you are thinking about travelling to Oslo during summer don’t miss the opportunity to do tours in the Nordmarka Forest. Here you can go hiking, biking or canoeing on one of the many lakes. This area is perfect for both individual escapes and team-building activities. In the winter period this area gives you an amazing opportunity for great skiing, both downhill and cross country, tobogganing and horse sleigh rides.


DMC Programme Ideas

Example Program for Oslo

Day 1- Akkurat!

Start the day with a private tour exploring Oslo by private bus. Have a welcome drink on the bus, served together with delicious canapés while listening to the professional guide telling all about the mesmerizing history of Oslo.

The world's two best-preserved Viking ships from the 9th century are on display at the Viking Ship Museum on the Bygdøy peninsula, which also shows Viking tools, sledges, a horse cart and wooden carvings

After a little bit of cultural insight it’s now time to explore what Oslo has to offer in shopping. If you want a little bit of everything you must go to the city center around Karl Johans gate. In this district you’ll find numerous large shopping centres and department stores, such as Oslo City, Byporten, Glasmagasinet, Steen & Strøm, Paléet, Eger Karl Johan and Aker Brygge.

End your fantastic day in Oslo with a dinner at the famous restaurant Maaemo. This is the first restaurant in Scandinavia that received two stars in the Michelin guide just 14 months after opening.

Day 2 “ikke så verst”

Today it’s time for some activity. In the summer season, we recommend beginning the morning with one of Oslo’s most delightful, romantic two-wheel rides. The perfect way to get your energy back is to stop in one of the beautiful parks that Oslo has to offer and have a picnic in the sun!

Frogner Park has Norway's biggest collection of roses; a total of 14,000 plants of 150 different species. The park has a café (open is summer) and a restaurant for those who want to dine more comfortably.

Examples for activities to do in Lillehammer;

After a morning full of activities have a stop for a lunch in a lavvo or restaurant. After lunch you might arrange a business meeting at the hotel or just enjoy a couple of hours off.

Evening programme:

Take the chairlift to the top of the Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Hill. For groups of up to 20 people, it is possible to arrange an exclusive dinner in the Jumping Hill Tower with a magnificent view over Lillehammer.

Day 3 - Kjempegreit

Visit to the exciting silver mines in Kongsberg. The  train takes you 2.3 kilometers (1.4 miles) into The King's Mine, the largest of the silver mines, which is 1070 meters below the ground and 560 meters below sea level.

Does Kon Tiki sound familiar? Maybe it’s because you've read or seen the movie Kon-tiki in 2012 which been nominated for an Oscar. The story is about a man name called Thor Heyerdahl, who crossed the Pacific Ocean 1947. Heyerdahl followed this up with spectacular expeditions on the reed boats Ra and Tigris. His recreations of prehistoric voyages showed that early man had mastered sailing before the saddle and wheel were invented. Now you get the chance to see and experience it for real. Go and visit the Kon-tiki museum and prepared to be mesmerized.

End your fantastic day and evening with an opera or ballet concert in Oslo’s spectacular opera house. If you want to learn more about the opera house we can arrange a behind the scenes tour before the curtain rises.


Suggested Sightseeing

Visit Kirkenes i Finnmark where you can take part in a king crab safari! Fish for your own dinner and while your meal is being prepared, just relax and listen to the guides' fantastic stories about the king crabs. Enjoy your own caught king crab together with some bread, aioli and superb wine. (You can easily get to Kirkenes from Oslo by airplane.) For further information please contact us.

One thing that is especially famous in Norway is the spectacular boat cruise Hurtigruten. The classic round voyage with Hurtigruten is a breathtaking summer journey. Enjoy the changing landscape of over 2,400kms of coastline. Hurtigruten’s Classic Voyages offer 12, 11, 7 and 6 day options. In the larger towns and cities you will have plenty of time to go ashore or join our varied excursions.


Theme Party Ideas For Incentives

Nobel Peace Gala Dinner
Looking for a unique, authentic themed dinner event? December is a good month for Oslo as it becomes the centre stage of the world’s attention when the Nobel Peace Price is awarded on the 10th December every year.

The Laureates always stay at the famous Grand Hotel which always hosts the Official Gala Dinner on the eve of the 10th.  We will invite the group to experience an Authentic Nobel Peace Prize Gala Dinner. Here the group will be served the genuine Nobel Peace Prize Menu in the same function room that is used for the Official Gala Dinner – The Mirror Room.

Unique kinds of gimmicks can be incorporated here, for example ‘Nobel Prizes’ to participants that have done something unique during their stay in Norway.  Or the company can have some sort of gifts handed out to all participants. It can also be arranged to have a lecturer from the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo to give a talk on the history and importance of the Nobel Awards. Afterwards, there will be opportunity to dance to a live band. This event can be served to your clients every day of the year!


Convention Centres

Oslofjord Convention Centre
Oslofjord Convention Centre's is Norways largest concert and conference hall and the largest conference resort in Europe. The Oslofjord conference hall provides seating for over 6,000 people. Through a few simple steps, the hall can be reconfigured as a banquet hall seating 2,500. The hall provides concert acoustics, as well as superior technical capacity including a sound system of 100,000 watts and wireless simultaneous translation equipment for up to 20 languages. Oslofjord is an ideal choice for a wide range of events.

Norway Convention Centre
Norway Convention Centre is only 11 minutes by train or 15 minutes by car from Oslo Central Station. It has 55 meeting rooms of different sizes. 12,000 delegates can participate and the venue has, together with a 355-rooms on-site hotel, very flexible facilities. The center offers an international arena for exhibitions, congresses and events. A new setting provides increased opportunities, and modern facilities reinforce the experience for events large and small.

Oslo Concert Hall
Oslo Concert Hall is located in the middle of Oslo. It contains two halls that are suitable for seminars, conferences and larger meetings. 1,404 delegates can participate in the larger hall and in the smaller one, 266. The large foyers at Oslo Concert Hall are suitable for exhibitions and receptions. The restaurant can offer a variety of menus and concepts; and can serve gala banquets for several hundred people.


A Few Extra Touches


Welcome Gifts

Norwegian ornaments: These handmade paper decorations are often decorated in the Norwegian’s Christmas tree. These decorations can be perfect as a winter present to your clients.

Rosemaling design: This design is from the 17th century. It’s colourful and has flowing lines, scrolls, flowers, scripts and scenes. Rosemaling can decorate a number of wonderful gifts, including: plates, tiles, clocks, shoes and plaques.

Pewter Viking ship: Viking ships are an important part of Norway's history. Models of Viking ships are made out of pewter and are terrific gifts for tabletops, desktops, or fireplace mantle.

Food delicacies: what is better than a gift made of love? Give your client a taste of Norway’s best local delicacies. Some examples of deliciousness are: Kavli Flatbread, Lefse, King Oscar and Husmor Fish Cakes, Milles Norwegian Kaviar, Primula Assorted Cheese Spreads, NOKKELOST Cheer, Jarlsberg Cheese, Norwegian Goat Cheese, Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Joika Reindeer Meatballs, Herring, Freia Chocolate Bars, Marzipan, Kong Haakon Chocolates, Gode Onsker Chocolates.

Gnomes: Garden gnomes are especially a nice welcome gift. A prominent fairytale creature in Norwegian folklore is the trolls. They can either be giants or dwarves. These trolls are sometimes carved out of wood or stone.


Specialist Groups

We organise and coordinate B2B interactions,  meetings and study tours for groups; originating from both the public and the private sector and tailored to specific requests.

Most technical visits to Norway  focus on the following industries/areas:

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