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First United can help you with the creation and implementation of a meeting, congress, convention, conference or incentive event to the highest of standards. We have the local knowledge, experience and determination to provide the very best in service and quality. Welcome to Sweden - above and beyond your expectations!

Artillerigatan 24
114 51 Stockholm
Tel:+ 45 3311 7575

Mr Flemming A. Madsen - Managing Director


Company   -   First United

Why First United?

Because our philosophy is simple ”Do only that at which we are best”.

Because our proven destination management services are hallmarked by dedication.

Because three and a half decades of successfully managing events for discerning clients vouches for our dedication.

Because we have the experience, the knowledge and the ability to live up to our philosophy.

First United is an independent Danish company, providing Destination and Logistics Management services.

Our service objective is clear: to provide clients with the best available planning and advisory services, creative solutions and technical support at all stages of an event.

Our strengths are that we are a small, cohesive unit of extremely experienced staff, have comprehensive destination knowledge, very good supplier relationships, supplier loyalty and top rate event management.




Sweden is the fourth largest country in Europe. From beyond the Arctic Circle it stretches 1000 miles to the south. Of its total area (173,000 sq. miles), 65% is covered by forest and 10% by lakes. There are approximately 96,000 lakes in Sweden, some as big as inland seas. It is an historic land. It is also a very modern land but the tones and shapes of the new glass and steel structures blend with the historical, medieval and older buildings. There is a harmonious unity in the architecture rarely found in other countries. Only a little over 9 million people live in a country roughly the size of California, or almost twice the size of former West Germany - so there is also plenty of space!


Stockholm - the City that Floats on Water - stands at the center of Scandinavia. Located on nearly the same latitude as Anchorage, Alaska, Stockholm (and most of Sweden) is blessed with warm winds from the Gulf Stream, which has produced a climate with rather mild winters and fairly hot summers.

Few cities can match its beauty or its setting a midst the islands and the sea. Stockholm is a noteworthy center in many senses of the word. It is the largest combined market in Scandinavia and its trade and industry are very diversified. Stockholm has the highest productivity and average personal income in the whole of Sweden. The population of the inner city is approximately 850,000 and that of Greater Stockholm is 1.7 million. Yet, Stockholm is physically a surprisingly small city built on 14 islands, which are connected by some 60 bridges.

A strong plus for selecting Stockholm as an Incentive Destination is not only the richness of the possible excursions to nearby areas, for example among some of the 24,000 islands of the Stockholm archipelago, but also the high quality of food and entertainment. We bid you hearty welcome to a most motivating destination, i.e. STOCKHOLM ! Or VÄLKOMMEN as we say in Swedish.


DMC Programme Ideas

Things you can only do in Sweden Program

Rival Hotel - ABBA member Benny Andersson's boutique hotel.
Former ABBA member Benny Andersson has opened a hotel located on Södermalm (the second oldest inhabited island in Stockholm). The hotel is situated on Södermalm's height in classic premises. Around the corner from the hip Bar and Shopping area on the Southern Island. The seventh floor with its magnificent view is reserved for suites. Hotel Rival is Stockholm's first boutique hotel, the antithesis of all that huge standardised hotel chains represent.

The hotel offers a cocktail bar with original art deco interior, a bar, a bistro, a café, a bakery, a restaurant and a movie theatre.

Day 1 - Be a Swede for a day

Ice Hockey tournament in the largest Spherical building in Europe.
Try the national sport of Sweden, a speed induced game that will take you a life time to master but just a few minutes to have fun with. Everyone who wants to participate will be geared up with skates, helmets and other protective gear. A Hockey Coach will take you through some real hockey exercises before he blows the whistle and the tournament starts. You will play in the Globe Arena. It looks like a huge golf ball and is the largest spherical building in the world and an experience in itself.

Crayfish party with Aquavit.
Let's enjoy a typical Swedish Crayfish party. You will be guided to the main banqueting restaurant, where long tables are decorated beautifully and colourful paper lanterns are hanging from the ceiling. Each participant receives a crayfish bib along with a small 'funny' hat. A glass of Swedish Aquavit and a cold beer is a must when you eat the boiled crayfish accompanied by toast and taste the strong and delicious Swedish Västerbotten cheese. You will not only receive a lesson on how to eat, a musician will play his accordion and help you sing along from many of the songs in your songbook.

17th Century Dinner around Vasa Ship.
The Very Unique Vasa 17th Century Banquet - This is indeed a very unique opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the famous Vasa ship from 1628 who sank on her maiden voyage. The entire ship was salvaged 333 years later and is now on magnificent display in the special museum created for her. Servants dressed in appropriate costumes, tables dressed with plates, glasses and cutlery also in the 17th century tradition. Musicians playing typical music from the time in question adds to the ambiance on top of the extraordinary presence of the ship itself.

Day 2 - A day of Swedish Inventions

IKEA Challenge Day at IKEA flagship store.
Today you will be taken to the biggest IKEA store in the whole world, located in Stockholm at Kungens Kurva. IKEA's vision is to make living easier. In our amusing raid we will make your life harder, while the contestant get to know all of the IKEA flagship store. Fun questions about Sweden, midsummer and the royal family is mixed with meeting with a Lucia and other Sweden guides. When the teams leave IKEA they have experienced a thorough look into Swedish culture, especially the funny parts and some have probably had time for some shopping as well. Today IKEA has established more than over 200 stores in over 30 countries all over the world. 

Junibacken - visit Pippi Longstocking and Friends.
Come on a voyage of discovery through the magical world of children’s stories at Junibacken; a building full of tales and mischief. This is where Sweden’s most-loved children’s characters come to life. Where you can act and play, discover and learn. You will meet many of the characters created by Astrid Lindgren such as Pippi Longstocking, Emil, Karlsson on the Roof and many more. 

A success story Junibacken was opened amid great pomp by Sweden’s royal family on June 8th, 1996. Since then they have received over 300,000 visitors and have quickly become Stockholm’s 5th most-visited attraction. Junibacken is a popular destination for Stockholm dwellers and tourists from all over Sweden.

City Hall Nobel Banquet.
Nowhere in Scandinavia is there a more elegant Theme Dinner to be found than the Nobel Dinner in the Golden Hall or the Blue Hall of the Stockholm City Hall. The latter building is a work of endless beauty, a true architectural masterpiece indeed and with its beautiful location on the shores of Lake Mälaren in downtown Stockholm, it has become a national landmark. The huge tower in the southeast corner creates another sort of exclamation mark further emphasized by the three gilded crowns on the very top of the tower. These crowns are national symbols reminding us of our history and old hopes for a united nation of the three Scandinavian countries.

An exact copy of the latest Nobel Prize Dinner Banquet menu is being offered i.e. a four course dinner with champagne and wines. (It could also be the Nobel Dinner from a particular year of importance for your client). A mini firework is lit off from the balcony of the northern wall in the Golden Hall when the dessert is being served.

Day 3 - Up high – down low and something in between

Hot Air Ballooning over Stockholm.
A trip in a hot air balloon is a rare experience. An unforgettable sense of freedom, excitement and adventure. The beautiful city of Stockholm reveals herself in all her splendor, leaving you with a memory for life. Let our professional staff serve you with this exclusive arrangement. Not that you are likely to ever forget the breathtaking beauty but we are sure you will want to share your experience with your friends - so do not forget your camera! During the flight we skim the tree tops as well as 'pop' up to a few thousand feet.

Meet the wolves.
We promise you that it’s a powerful feeling to be face to face with a wolf. Now you can spend time with the wolves and see these special animals in their home during an hour. The animal keeper will be there with you to teach you about wolves and answer all of your questions! The wolves are very curious and may want to come close however their paws are not always clean, so don’t wear your finest clothes. And remember they love big earrings and long necklaces, so please leave your jewels at home!

Underground Art Tour - the longest art exhibition in the world.
Stockholm's subway is the world's longest art exhibition, 110 kilometers long. In some 90 of the 100 metro stations, travelers can enjoy exciting, beautiful and varying artistic experiences - sculptures, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings and reliefs. Around 140 artists have helped to create underground grottoes, verdant gardens, rippling springs, water lily ponds and fabulous caves, reflections on times of old and documentation of contemporary life.  An additional few hundred artists have added temporary art features.


Suggested Sightseeing


The Royal Tour (2½ hours).
Inside visits to the Royal Palace, the Great Church, The Royal Treasury and the Royal Armoury - a tour concentrated around the quarters of the Royal Palace.

Gripsholm Castle and Mariefred Tour (6 Hours).
A tour by vintage steamer on Lake Mälaren. It is one of the few surviving Swedish small towns with timber buildings as well as the home of Sweden's oldest inn and the medieval Gripsholms Castle, which houses the National Collection of Portraits.

Drottningholm Palace & Theatre (3 Hours).
This tour takes you to one of the most cultural treasures that Stockholm has to offer. Presently the home of the Royal Family. The Theatre is the oldest still in use in Europe in its original version. (Afternoon Tour Only).

Vasa Warship And Millesgarden Sculpture Park (3 Hours).
The specially designed building contains the Vasa Man-of-War, exhibitions, shops and cinemas for films about the history of the man-of-war VASA. Lastly visit the lovely sculpture gardens of Carl Milles.


City Tour of Göteborg (3 hours).
Visit the impressive Göta Platsen Square and on to the "Feskekjörka", The Fish Market Hall, across the Göta Älv suspension bridge, then passing "Scandinavium", the biggest indoor area in Scandinavia. Then short a tour of Göteborg.

Göteborg Coastline Tour Including Lunch (5 Hours).
This tour takes you north of the City to the Archipelago of Göteborg and the famous sailing harbour and yacht basin of Marstrand, dominated by the Fortress of Carlsten, dating from the 17th century.

Tour To Swedish Castles Including Lunch (7 Hours).
A tour of Swedish stately homes. Visit will be made to the 18th Century castle at Gunnebo and also to the Tudor inspired Castle of Tjolöholm, the coach museum and the beautiful surrounding gardens.

Full Day Excursion To Nääs and Borås (7 Hours). 
Tour to the Castle of Nääs in West Gothia. The castle remains exactly as it was in 1898. Also visit the town of Borås, home of the mail order business.


Theme Party Ideas For Incentives

Elegant Nobel Prize Banquet in the Stockholm City Hall.
Nowhere in Scandinavia is there a more elegant Theme Dinner to be found than the Nobel Dinner in the Golden Hall of the Stockholm City Hall. The latter building is a landmark with a beautiful location on the shores of Lake Mälaren in downtown Stockholm. Start with a cocktail reception in the Blue Hall and then followed by an elegant dinner in the Golden Hall along the scenario used for the real Nobel Prize Dinner. Max. capacity 1200 persons in one room.

Viking Party.
Looking for a more leisurely theme party evening? Then let's celebrate in good old Viking style! Come and join us for a memorable evening at Stockholm's famous Skansen Park. Here you will find HÖGLOFTET - a wooden structure in log-cabin style surrounded by a low stone-fence and a lovely, green park. Viking helmets, swords and wonderful food and music included. Max. 250+180 pax in two adjacent rooms.

Vasa 17th Century Banquet - The Very Unique.
This is indeed a very unique opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the famous Vasa ship from 1628 who sank on her maiden voyage. The entire ship was salvaged 333 years later and is now on magnificent display in the special museum created for her. Servants dressed in appropriate costumes, tables dressed with plates, glasses and cutlery also in the 17th century tradition. Musicians playing typical music from the time in question will add to the ambiance on top of the presence of the ship itself.


Convention Centres


Kistamässan – from 2009
Space: 10,000 Square Metres 
No of meeting rooms: 19 / Capacity of largest: 4,500

Stockholmsmässan - The Stockholm Fair
Space: 30,000 Square Meters - Expansion In Progress
No Of Meeting Rooms: 41 / Capacity Of Largest: 2,000

Stockholm Globe Arena
No of meeting rooms: 26 / Capacity of largest: 16,000

Sollentuna Fair & Conference Centre
Space: 140,000 Square Feet
No of meeting rooms: 8 / Capacity of largest: 1,000


Svenska Massan - The Swedish Fair
Space: 27,000 Square Metres
No Of Meeting Rooms: 8 / Capacity Of Largest: 222

Capacity of largest: 12,500

Liseberg Conference Centre
Space: 1,080 Square Metres
No of meeting rooms: 7 / Capacity of largest: 2,323


A Few Extra Touches

Abba Look-Alikes - No music group has meant more to Sweden than ABBA. If they were performing today they would have their hands full! We offer the next best thing - an excellent group of look-alikes playing ABBA music for a memorable evening.

Lucia Choir to perform and offer a very Swedish tradition.

Children, Children, Children - always creating a smile when distributing welcome flowers or handing out welcome gifts. Dressed in national costumes or acting as small TROLLS.


Welcome Gifts


Specialist Groups

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