5th Dimension UK | Frank Macaluso | Managing Director

As I performed my cursory, occasional glance through my spam mail yesterday I happened to find an e-mail kindly including me in the rota of absentees to your event in Oxford and I was able to look through your wonderful collection of photos to celebrate your 25th anniversary. I was unable to be with you on your happy day as I was filming an advert for Daz in the outer Outer Hebrides but as I flicked through the photographs I have been moved to take the typewriter off the top shelf, dust it down and pen a few words of sincere congratulations on a wonderful achievement. I remember your launch as if it were yesterday. Back then, in 1989 if my calculator still works, there were a few representation companies knocking about but they did not have a clue and were operating totally in the dark. You decided to cross the divide, the poacher turned gamekeeper and you set the benchmark. You completely revolutionised the art of agency representation, took it to a very high standard overnight and over the last quarter century destinations UNLIMITED have been the football Germany of consistency, high standard, innovation and just being the best. Of course, the trick was you knew what was wanted because you had been there, found the service wanting and you found your niche and delivered. And you made it a family business which probably accounts for the continuing high standards year after year. Nowadays, there are a plethora of similar companies but the vast majority have followed your lead, copied your format and have gone on from there but in my humble estimation you are still the frontrunner. I wish the next generation of Buse continuing success and I could not be more pleased to see you, your family and your company be so successful and to achieve such a significant landmark. Congratulations!

Business Development Strategist | Ioana |

27 years and still counting! Over the past years destinations UNLIMITED have not only covered the globe but have serviced the industry providing inspiration and detailed, tailor-made programmes. destinations UNLIMITED have stayed fresh and top of the mind of event planners in the UK and with a young and focused team, we can only wish destinations UNLIMITED a successful path ahead!

CiEvents | Basia | Key Account Manager

I have had the undoubted pleasure of working with Danielle over the last few years within the Meetings and Events industry and there are few things about her I would have no qualms vouching for; She is a consummate professional whose support and attention to detail are second to none, a dedicated colleague who feels like an extension of the team and, last but not least, a sheer delight to work with! All of the above, as well as her commitment and vast expertise within the industry put her on the top of my list of 'the people I want to work with'.

Conference Selection | Derek | Proprietor

Having worked with Nikki for almost 20 years, I can totally recommend her services. She is professional, honest, has strong integrity and always delivers on her promises. I also find Nikki one of the most personable people within the C&I industry.To summarise, I have no hesitation in recommending Nikki's services to those who are considering using destinations UNLIMITED . She is one of the best.

Conferencewise | Peter | Managing Director

Knowing Nikki and her company for many years I have no hesitation in recommending her services. Great person, Great company and Great service.

Creative Travel & Event Management | Nick | Director

Nikki has been providing assistance with DMCs for many years. The DMCs Nikki represents are the cream of the industry. If we need a DMC in a particular country, we go first to dU. This is our first and last port of call. destinations UNLIMITED are THE representation company.

Eton Travel | Alison | Events Supervisor

I have worked with destinations UNLIMITED for many years and I am always confident that their DMCs are professional companies and of extremely high standards. This is very important as when not accompanying a client these DMCs become an extension of our company whilst on site. destinations UNLIMITED have always provided me with an excellent service, with a friendly and knowledgeable team and with each enquiry, I receive a prompt and detailed reply.

Freelance | David Battley |

I have worked with Nikki and her family since the inception of destinations UNLIMITED back in the late eighties. The quality of their DMC partners has always been of the very highest standard and has given me the confidence that is needed when planning detailed event programmes. I have always respected Nikki and her team for their knowledge and guidance; they are always one of the first people that I turn to, within the industry, who can always be trusted to provide accurate and constructive advice for any of their destinations. Congratulations on your first 25 years, long may you continue.

Inception Global | Chris | Head of Operations

I have worked and known Nikki for a number of years and would highly recommend Nikki and her team for any creative assistance you require worldwide regarding incentive and conference programmes.

InSynq Ltd | Russell | Director of Operations

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at destinations UNLIMITED for the fantastic service you provide. Although we do not get every job we pitch for (which is something I must look into) the level of service and back-up your organisation provides, along with an extremely professional team of worldwide DMCs you provide us with are the right tools to get the job done. Thanks very much for your continued support and I look forward to working with you again in the very near future.

IQVIA | Joy |

Your Zurich DMC was amazing! destinations UNLIMITED never let me down! This year so far; Barcelona, Berlin & Zurich.

Leap | Paul | Director

I have known Nikki for ten years during which time she has helped me to arrange an incredible array of event and conference programmes. She seems to know everyone which is impressive. So if you need a DMC Consultant that's knows just about everything and everyone....call Nikki.

MSW | Matthew Wall |

destination UNLIMITED has always been a fantastic resource, linking up agencies with their extensive portfolio of DMCs. Nikki and her team have always been great to deal with; providing an excellent service with charm and flair.

Travel Counsellors | John |

I have worked with Nikki and destinations UNLIMITED for a number years and have always have received excellent levels of service.

Worldspan International PLC | Carol | Business Development

I have worked with destinations UNLIMITED since 1993 and have always been consistent in their delivery. Their chosen DMCs are trustworthy and reliable and I would not hesitate to continue using them. Always one of the first companies to turn to when looking for a reliable DMC.

WWMC | Sarah Webster |

Nikki is a consummate professional who has earned the respect and friendship of everyone who knows her.