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DMC Dominican Republic

"As I performed my cursory, occasional glance through my spam mail yesterday I happened to find an e-mail kindly including me in the rota of absentees to your event in Oxford and I was able to look through your wonderful collection of photos to celebrate your 25th anniversary. I was unable to be with you on your happy day as I was filming an advert for Daz in the outer Outer Hebrides but as I flicked through the photographs I have been moved to take the typewriter off the top shelf, dust it down and pen a few words of sincere congratulations on a wonderful achievement. I remember your launch as if it were yesterday. Back then, in 1989 if my calculator still works, there were a few representation companies knocking about but they did not have a clue and were operating totally in the dark. You decided to cross the divide, the poacher turned gamekeeper and you set the benchmark. You completely revolutionised the art of agency representation, took it to a very high standard overnight and over the last quarter century destinations UNLIMITED have been the football Germany of consistency, high standard, innovation and just being the best. Of course, the trick was you knew what was wanted because you had been there, found the service wanting and you found your niche and delivered. And you made it a family business which probably accounts for the continuing high standards year after year. Nowadays, there are a plethora of similar companies but the vast majority have followed your lead, copied your format and have gone on from there but in my humble estimation you are still the frontrunner. I wish the next generation of Buse continuing success and I could not be more pleased to see you, your family and your company be so successful and to achieve such a significant landmark. Congratulations!"
Frank | 5th Dimension UK
DMC St Lucia

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